Thursday, 12 September 2013

And here we go... I guess...

Right, so for anyone who may have read my first post, here we are at the second one now.  I have taken only one photo so far, just to get the ball rolling really.

It's not the best photo as trying to manage a camera to take a picture at this angle is not all that easy, for me anyways.  I will take something better on this coming weekend when I can borrow a tripod from someone.

Firstly, I am a little overweight; I would say I am about 30 pounds too heavy.  And I am very hairy in general, I mean head to to toe; I'm covered.  I have never wanted to shave myself, but I guess I would be willing to at least trim down a little if so needed.

Right so, now in this photo I have my hand held up as a sort of reference.  My pinky finger is just at about the base, maybe off by about a half of an inch; and as you can see from the picture the tip is about an inch or so over my hand.  At my best estimate that puts it at just slightly over 5 inches.  This is just estimating from the photo really, as I have never actually measure it.  The next photo(s) I will use a tripod and get my hands on a ruler or tape measure for a proper comparison and more accurate measurement.  I will also either use a piece of string or tailors measuring tape to get the gurth at the tip, midshaft, and base.

I know all this information on size etc is all over the internet.  But I just wanted to hear from real people rather than reading articles.  And every person is different so the best way to find out about me is to ask about me.

Now I have to admit, I was a bit nervous when I took this photo, for obvious reasons, and I do not think I was fully erect.  I'm not trying to defend anything, I'm just saying. 

So there you have it, this is "me"... And I am open now to hearing anything and everything anyone has to say.  Just remember my previous post, make it constructive or don't bother at all.  And if you have more than what you want to say in the comments, or would just prefer to email, my address it

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A time for introductions...


Simply put, I am a man who has always wondered what people (mainly women as I am straight) think about the size of my penis.

I am by no means the most well endowed, and I know this; but I also don't think  I am too small.  But I just wanted to get the opinions of the wide internet community.  Say what you want, I can take it.  I am also by no means very experienced, hence why I am doing this.  This is my first post so I just thought I would explain what I am doing here.

Soon I will post a few photos, none of my photos will show my face or any other distinguishing marks.  I am no model, so my photos may be basic.  If anyone has a suggestion, let me know and I will probably do it.

For anyone along the way who may want to tell me more than what they want to leave in a comment, email me at  But please, only if you have something constructive to say (weather it may be harsh of gentle criticism, once it's constructive), otherwise I will just delete it.

Some people may say I am an exhibitionist and I just want to put up nude photos; who knows maybe I am.  But right now, I just want to know what people think about my penis.

My next post, hopefully later tonight or maybe during the day tomorrow, will be the first picture(s).  And I guess I'll just wait and see what comes of it.